Levin Follows Schumer Lead, Focuses on Internal Israeli Politics

Doesn’t Speak Out Against Pro-Palestinian Marches Halting American Travel, Votes Against Freezing Iranian Assets

Make no mistake: Mike Levin is a far-left Member of Congress who is now falling in line with the radical wing of his party led by Chuck Schumer by pontificating on Israeli politics rather than supporting America’s ally.

Rather than speaking out against pro-Palestinian marches that are blocking bridges and hindering travel at airports, Levin yesterday called for a change in Israeli leadership.

“Rather than sticking up for our ally Israel, Mike Levin is spending his time catering to the far left of the left: voting against freezing Iranian assets, sitting idle while pro-Palestinian marches lock up major American roads and bridges and now involving himself with internal Israeli politics,” said Matt Gunderson.

Today’s endorsement from Speaker Johnson caps a week of endorsements for Gunderson that includes former Congressional Candidate Brian Maryott and former CA-49 Congressional Candidates Margarita Wilkinson, Kate Monroe and Sheryl Adams.

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