Carlsbad Superintendent Condemns Assistant Principal for Speech on Faith and Schools

by George Corrales
Carlsbad, CA

Last Friday, Ethan Williams, Carlsbad High School’s Assistant Principal, delivered a speech to a full house at the Mission Church in Carlsbad intended to prepare the Christian faithful for upcoming district meetings on DEI and LGBTQ+ policies.

According to Williams, “It’s not because we are bigoted, it’s not because we are afraid of trans people, it’s not because of any of that. We love them and we see the harmful impacts that this is having on our kids. I see it every day.”

The speech nevertheless wrangled district superintendent Benjamin Churchill who took to the district’s website to condemn Williams’ talk. “I wholeheartedly disagree with the comments made and condemn those comments as they are in conflict with California Education Code and our Board’s 2021 resolution in support of LGBTQ+ students and staff.”

Observers quickly noted that Williams was in a Church, speaking as a private individual, protected by the First Amendment with respect to religion, free speech, and peaceful assembly. No laws were broken, said one person.

“Williams never said anything that you could construe as hateful or bigoted, yet some folks are treating this as if Williams has no right to speak in support of Christian moral values just because he works for a woke district,” said one attendee. Williams is the father of seven children and a regular at Mission Church.

Williams’ message is that identity politics, both in terms of race and gender, are a distraction if not a destructive preoccupation. Members of Carlsbad’s Citizens for Community Oversight (C2o) agree.

One parent pointed out that schools need to get back to teaching the basics. “California ranks dead last in educational attainment, yet here we are, focused on everything but what we need to do to improve our schools.”

Another member of C2o pointed out that the superintendent violated his own tenets of diversity and inclusion when he condemned the assistant principal’s viewpoint.

“The moral absolutism and self-righteousness of the woke left has to stop,” he said. “While we try and teach our kids Christian moral values, the schools are undermining that effort with their own morality that we find offensive. We have a right to a voice in this matter.”

Members of the community on Monday, May 22nd held a “love rally” to bring attention to the matter and further condemn the assistant principal’s talk. On Tuesday, May 23rd, the district is holding townhall meetings at three locations to discuss DEI and LGBTQ+ policies and plans.

Image Credit: Canva