Nathan Fletcher Resigns, Apologizes, But Denies Accusations

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Nathan Fletcher has officially resigned from the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

Fletcher’s resignation took effect at 5:01 pm Monday. He didn’t address the board, but he did release a letter apologizing to his family, staff, and constituents.

In the letter, he says: “I own, unequivocally, the responsibility for making the mistake of engaging in consensual interactions with someone outside of my marriage

Fletcher goes on to say “I failed to live to the standards I expect of myself, and those which are rightly demanded of our elected officials. I believe our representatives should be role models and held to the highest standards in both their public and personal lives in a way that honors the public’s trust and confidence. While no one is without flaws and mistakes, I fully accept that I did not live up to this standard, and my resignation is appropriate.​” 

Supervisor Jim Desmond says the board is ready to move on. “I feel sorry for people who have PTSD and things like that but unfortunately, I think it was more of a ruse to avoid the lawsuit that was forthcoming,” said Desmond.

In late March, Fletcher announced he was dropping out of the race for California Senate and entering rehab out of state for post-traumatic stress, trauma, and alcohol abuse.

In his letter, Fletcher defends himself against the lawsuit that led to his resignation.

Grecia Figueroa says Fletcher sexually harassed and assaulted her while she was working in public relations for the Metropolitan Transit System. Fletcher was the MTS Chair. Fletcher says MTS’ independent investigation will show he had nothing to do with Figueroa’s termination of employment.

His letter states, “As a married man, my actions were unquestionably inappropriate, but they were consensual and often initiated by the plaintiff.​” 

Late Monday afternoon, an attorney for the plaintiff responded with the following statement:

“It is disappointing that Mr. Fletcher continues to victim-blame, even amidst his forced resignation. We look forward to conducting our own investigation, and we hope Mr. Fletcher will be cooperative as that happens. It is apparent that full accountability must come through the civil justice system.

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