Amy Reichert Officially Announces Candidacy in Light of Nathan Fletcher’s Resignation

Finally, after weeks of delay, this long-awaited day has arrived, bringing a sense of relief and assurance to every resident of San Diego, as we can now move forward without the troubling influence of Nathan Fletcher on our County government. Amidst this darkness, his resignation marks a turning point for San Diego, a glimmer of hope that paves the way for recovery and healing.

As a proud member of this resilient community, I am running for Supervisor of District 4. My unwavering commitment is to ensure that the people have a leader who exemplifies the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and respect for all. Together, we will rise from this moment and forge a path toward a better future.

The foundation of my campaign rests upon the fundamental values and interests of the community I proudly represent. Every voice deserves to be heard, and every person must be treated with unwavering dignity and respect. This commitment to bringing people together will be the guiding light that illuminates every decision and action I take as your Supervisor.

My top priorities are to create a safe and affordable community for all residents. I pledge to collaborate closely with community leaders, organizations, and residents, working tirelessly to develop effective policies that tackle our pressing challenges.

Homelessness is a dire crisis that demands immediate action to tackle its underlying causes head-on. I will strive to implement comprehensive strategies that provide support and resources to those in need while fostering a compassionate and sustainable approach to addressing this crisis.

We must also confront the alarming increase in violent crime that has gripped our district. By engaging with law enforcement agencies, community organizations, and concerned citizens, I will spearhead initiatives that enhance public safety, creating an environment where every resident feels secure in their homes and neighborhoods.

The soaring cost of living threatens the very fabric of our community. I am firmly committed to working hand in hand with residents to implement practical measures that alleviate financial burdens, ensuring that our district remains an affordable place to call home for all.

As your Supervisor, I pledge to be an advocate, a guardian, and a tireless champion for the people. We will build a district that reflects our shared values, aspirations, and dreams. I invite every community member to join me on this transformative journey, reclaim our future, and shape a District 4 that we can all be proud of.

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