Why Amy Reichert is the Only Choice to Replace Nathan Fletcher on San Diego’s Board of Supervisors

As the special election for the County Board of Supervisors approaches, voters must carefully consider their options and choose the candidate who will best represent their values and interests. Amy Reichert is a strong choice for the position, and here’s why.

San Diego City Councilwoman Monica Montgomery Steppe has announced her candidacy, but her track record suggests that she may not be the best choice for the community. Steppe has shown a willingness to create a racial divide, which is not the kind of leadership the county needs. She seems to view races as different and may be inclined to support one group over another. This kind of divisive approach could lead to more problems than solutions.

On the other hand, Amy Reichert has been working to make a difference in the community for years. She has a proven track record of advocating for conservative values and championing the causes that matter to the district. With her experience as a small business owner and community leader, Reichert is well-positioned to represent the interests of the county’s residents and ensure that their voices are heard.

Reichert’s candidacy offers a fresh perspective and a new vision for the future of the Board of Supervisors. Her focus on fiscal responsibility, public safety, and job creation aligns with the values of the district, and she has a clear plan to achieve these goals. Reichert has shown a willingness to work across party lines to get things done, which is precisely the kind of leadership that the county needs right now.

Voters in District 4 must choose a candidate who will represent their values and work to advance their interests on the County Board of Supervisors. Amy Reichert is a proven leader with the experience, vision, and commitment to do just that. By voting for Reichert in the upcoming special election, voters can help ensure that their voices are heard, and their priorities are advanced.

Image Credit: Canva