San Diego Democrats Turn a Blind Eye to Sexual Assault and Harassment Allegations, From Supervisor Nathan Fletcher to Kevin Beiser and Former Party Chair Rodriguez-Kennedy

San Diego Democrats’ Hypocrisy Exposed: Turning a Blind Eye to Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Their Own, Including Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and Councilman Stephen Whitburn’s Failure to Intervene in Alleged Rape at His Home

San Diego Democrats have recently shown they turn a blind eye to predators, particularly in the case of Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, who is facing allegations of sexual assault and harassment. The scandal surrounding Fletcher is just the latest example of the Democrat Party’s disregard for victims and justice.

Adding to the controversy, Fletcher’s replacement on the Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) board, Councilman Whitburn, is also accused of not intervening in an alleged rape that occurred in his own home just last year. Despite these allegations, Whitburn is now being trusted to find the truth about the allegations against Fletcher as the MTS board chair.

These cases are just the most recent in a long line of misconduct allegations against San Diego Democrats. In 2012, San Diego Democrat Party Chair Will Rodriguez-Kennedy faced a restraining order for inappropriate behavior, and in 2019, SDUSD Board Member Kevin Beiser was accused of sexual misconduct and abuse.

The Democrat Party should take a stand and support victims of sexual assault and harassment instead of turning a blind eye to the misconduct allegations within their own party. The allegations against Fletcher and Whitburn should be presented to an independent jury, and any person in a perceived position of power should be working to create a safe environment for all employees and volunteers.

If Whitburn knew about the allegations and did nothing to stop or report them, he should be held accountable and should resign from his office immediately.

The Democrat Party’s lack of action and support for victims sends the wrong message to survivors of sexual assault and harassment. It’s time for the party to take a stand and prioritize justice for all, regardless of political affiliation.

Image Credit: Canva