It’s Important to Invest in Victory!

Navajo Canyon Republican Women of California would like to offer their congratulations to San Diego’s new Party Chairman, Corey Gustafson.  We look forward to working with his administration as they embark on new ways to win elections and stop all the bad ideas coming out of Sacramento. 

There are a dozen new taxes coming from California Democrats this year.  Two right here in San Diego!   You can be sure the Democrats will not be telling voters this is happening, the Media will make it their business to hide any mention of taxes and the Republicans may not have all the ad money needed to inform everyone.  

It’s going to be up to volunteers to get the word out to all voters through “grass roots.”  Once voters are informed of these dangerous tax increases, they tell other voters…and they tell others and on and on.

Good news travels fast, but bad news travels fastest of all and tax increases are definitely bad news!   The Republican Women of Navajo Canyon and other RWC clubs are going to make it a top priority to help inform voters about what’s coming.

Prop 13 was passed originally utilizing word of mouth.  The same cast of bad actors was against it then as they are now.  Many people do not realize how bad things were before the passage of Prop 13.  Property taxes then could be 4% of purchase price instead of the current 1%.  In 1978 many long-time owners lost their homes because of constant increases in their property taxes.  We will need to work hard if we are to save Prop 13 and stop the Democrats from taking everything.  

The San Diego County Republican Party will do a lot to help get the word out, but they can’t do it alone.

I hope everyone that cares about winning the upcoming election will do their best to support the party with volunteer time, encourage others to be voters and of course support the party with their donations.  

It’s Important to Invest in Victory! 

Waskah Whelan

President – Navajo Canyon

Republican Women of California

Image Credit: Canva