Andrew Hayes: Leading the Charge for Assembly District 75 as the Endorsed Republican Candidate

Andrew Hayes is the only endorsed Republican candidate for Assembly District 75. He has a solid plan to improve the economy, make communities safer, update schools, and deal with critical environmental issues like forest management. 

Hayes has much experience in California politics, especially as a district director in the California State Senate. This background helps him understand the complex issues our district and California face.

Hayes is all about getting the economy back on track after the pandemic. 

He wants to make it easier for businesses to grow, cut down on unnecessary rules for small businesses, and create more jobs. This shows he’s serious about helping our economy recover and thrive.

On public safety, Hayes has a solid plan to lower crime and make our communities safer. He also wants to update our schools to better prepare students for the future and has practical ideas to manage forests and protect the environment. 

As the only endorsed Republican, Hayes is ready to lead with his experience, commitment, and plan to look to the future. He understands what this district needs and is dedicated to making real changes in the economy, schools, public safety, and the environment.